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Business Model Digital Transformation

For SMEs who want to transform their business model to digital.

Transform to digital your existing Business Model, and create a personalized Digital Strategy that can be managed by your team.

Business Model Digital Transformation



Key Features

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Business Model Review

We will review your existing Business Model and transformation goals to create a renewed Digital Native Business Model. The renewed Business Model Strategy that we will deliver can be orchestrated and managed by your team. We will include all the digital tools that a SMEs need to improve their performance.

Integrated Digital Strategy

We will review your existing digital strategy, your ideas, expectations and the available digital technology that may suit the demands. The DS that we will deliver can be orchestrated and managed by your team. We will include all the digital tools that a SMEs need to improve their performance.

DS and data flow diagrams

We will give you a document with context diagrams, where you will understand the services and functions that your business requires from digital technologies. We also add a diagram where you can clearly see how your digital tools should be connected, and diagrams to manage digital transformation flow.

Software selection by our team

After defining the needs, and drawing the context diagrams that conform the strategy, we will be ready to choose the right Software for your business needs.  The selection of the appropriate tools will be done by our team considering your budget .

Context and integration diagrams

These diagrams help us understand all the elements and functions necessary for each business. Integration diagrams help us understand how the elements, and data flow connect to work together smoothly.

Flow diagrams

These diagrams allow us to categorize the data, define its sources, size, formats, etc. They also help design the flow that information will follow as it moves through the operational process.

Digital Transformation Roadmap

This tool will show you the steps to follow to implement your digital strategy in a simple and orderly way. It includes instructions and checklists to orchestrate Digital Transformation.

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For SME's that have never used digital technologies.
$ 430 One time fee
  • 30 min Diagnostic Meeting*
  • New Slim Digital Strategy
  • Context diagrams: 9 elements
  • Integration diagrams: medium data flow.
  • Digital Transformation Roadmap + checklist
  • Private Workshop for Software selection*


For SME businesses that want to improve their digital strategy.
$ 670 One time fee
  • 60 min Diagnostic Meeting.
  • Digital Strategy Optimization.
  • Context diagrams: 15 elements
  • Software and organization change strategy
  • Digital Transformation Roadmap.
  • Existing Software evaluation and new Software selection by our team.